Worth Looking Into If You Are A Trade Publisher

By Anne Holland, Source: Content Blog 09-24-02

MediaBuy$.us a new ad buying and selling marketplace online is set to launch Oct 1st. The site was founded by Chick Inc an LA-based agency who do a lot of media buying for the entertainment industry, especially B2B (or I guess you could call it B2E). Hollywood Reporter is definitely on board.

Although it's an online marketplace, they are mostly focusing on selling print ad pages in trade magazines. They have an ambitious plan to expand rapidly beyond entertainment to a 84 different industries from agricultural to real estate. So I guess they'd be a bit like B2BWorks network only for offline instead of online. Which is neat - print media sales being changed by online sales tactics.

We've all seen too many B2B e-marketplaces crash and burn after announcing grandious plans over the past few years to have high expectations for a new one. But, it's worth looking into if you are a trade publisher - listings are free.